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Title and full text search. Advanced queries: support of phrase and fuzzy searches, searching with wildcards and operators. File search: find content in attached documents (PDF, DOCX) Autocomplete: search input is automatically completed. Search-as-you-type: possible matches are found and immediately presented to the user.


VisualEditor: richtext editor (WYSIWYG) for easy editing and fast formatting. PasteImage: inserting images via drag & drop and copy & paste. InsertFile: upload, categorize and insert files and images. InsertCategory: assign pages to new or existing categories. InsertLink: insert external and internal links. FileLinks: allows links to files and folders.


Namespaces: allows content separation. Subpages: introduces some hierarchical organization into wiki pages. Templates: working with repetitive material that need to show up on any number of pages. PageTemplates: creating pages with preloaded text and structures. PageTemplate management: easy administration of page templates. Categories: group pages on similar subjects with an hierarchial category system.


Upload maximum: allows to place a maximum size on each file that can be uploaded. All files: listing of all uploaded files and images with filtering. ExtendedFileList: an enhanced display provides many options for searching, filtering and sorting your files. Categorizing files: group documents by categories. File versioning: when a new version of a file is uploaded, the old one is moved into an archive. File access control: restricted access to upload and read files and images to a given set of user groups associated with protected namespaces.


Versioning: history of changes to the articles, images and documents. Watchlist: follow articles and get notifications about changes. Notifications: user are informed about new activities by email and alerts. Email digest: email notifications can be accumulated in daily or weekly reports. Dashboards: individually configurable user and admin dashboards. SmartList: SmartList embeds Recent Changes in the content area, filtered by categories, namespaces, period et al. Related changes: view recent changes to the pages linked from the current page. What links here: view pages that link to the current page (backlinks). New pages and files: view and manage new pages and files which have been uploaded. Orphaned articles, files, categories and templates: listing of pages without incoming links. Uncategorized pages, templates, files and categories: identify pages lacking of categories. Oldest pages: a list of pages ordered by latest revision.


Talkpages: every wiki page has an associated talk page, which can be used for discussion and communicating with other users. Blog: simple blogs can be created and restricted for single namespaces. Shoutbox: allows comments on articles. RatedComments: users can rate articles and comment their own ratings.


Review: creating review workflows and saving workflows as a template. Review overview: administration of all active workflows. Draft mode and approval: editing revisions in a draft mode until they are approved and published by a member of the editorial team. Automatic approval: a page is automatically approved when an appraisal process is successful. PageAssigments: assign responsible editors and groups to pages. PageAssignments overview: list pages in relation to responsible editors and groups.


Installer: guides the admin through the setup. Internationalization: user interface supports more than 40 languages. WikiAdmin: admin menu showing all administration tools. UserManager: easy administration of user accounts. NamespaceManager: central administration of Namespaces. GroupManager: setting up groups. PermissionManager: assignment of permissions for namespaces (areas) and explanation by which group a right is set or blocked. Logs: automatically generated list of actions (for instance deletion logs).


ConfirmEdit: using various different CAPTCHA techniques, to prevent spambots and other automated tools from editing. ImageAuth: files protected from third party access. SpamBlacklist: prevents edits that contain URLs whose domains match regular expression patterns. Lockdown: restrict access to specific namespaces and special pages to a given set of user groups. PageAccess: access restriction per page on group basis. Register: register and login functionality.


User page: page about a user with an account on the wiki. UserPreferences: administration of personal settings. UserSidebar: individual user navigation for favorite topics, visited pages PagesVisited: list of recently visited pages. Avatars: provides generic and individual user pictures.


Skins: implement and configure themes.


MobileSkin: view for mobile devices. Mobile editing: edit articles using tablets and smartphones. Notifications: read recent changes and other notification in a mobie device


LdapAuthentication: Login via central authentication system (LDAP / AD).

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